Dienstag, April 10, 2007

SmartGo günstiger!

Until the end of April, we're offering a special discount if you upgrade to SmartGo from selected competitive products:

* Go Database: $30 rebate.
* MasterGo or BiGo (Profi or Full): $20 rebate.
* Many Faces of Go or Go++: $10 rebate.

To qualify for the Go Database, MasterGo, or BiGo discount, please submit proof of purchase to support@smartgo.com. The $10 discount for Many Faces or Go++ is on the honor system: if you've ever purchased one of those products, you can qualify for your rebate by entering 'manyfaces' or 'goplusplus' as your coupon when ordering.

Anders Kierulf
Zugreifen :)


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